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Barack Obama

Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is a real contender for the 2008 United States Presidency. Barack Obama is a great leader who makes only the best decisions for the people. Barack Obama will be a major vote getter in November 2008.

  • Barack Obama On Border Security
  • - Obama supports additional infrastructure, more technology at the border and at the ports of entry. The Border Security needs more technology equipped with real time records and results.
  • - Obama has a very unique look at illegal immigrants that are currently in the United States. He insists that they come out of the shadows. Obama wants to implement a plan to where the illegal immigrant will go through a process of paying a fine, learn the English language, not commit any crimes during their pending time until they can file for United States Citizenship. If they met all of those requirements then they will be granted the opportunity to stay, live, and work in the United States.
  • - Obama wants to get rid of all incentives for illegal immigrants. Cracking down on the businesses that hire illegal immigrants to save money is a must. Obama has teamed up with several senators to get this started and make it tougher for these businesses to employ illegal immigrants.

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